Matt G. Wagner - Resume

I am a versatile and seasoned technical leader with over fourteen years of experience, specializing in architecting and mentoring distributed engineering teams. My professional journey has taken me from Fortune 50 corporations to co-founding innovative startups. In parallel, I have dedicated over twelve years to serving as an Officer in the Army National Guard, where I've assumed roles as an on-the-ground commander and coordinator, leading National Guard Soldiers in critical emergency response scenarios. My unwavering passion for my craft drives me to consistently deliver exceptional results in every undertaking.

Technical Skills

Professional Experience

Owner, Chief Technology Officer - June 2018 - Present

Partner, Chief Technology Officer - June 2020 - Present

Founder - March 2023 - Present

MOS 13A, Field Artillery Officer - September 2011 - Present

Training & Schools

InContext Solutions - Chicago, IL

Principal Architect - October 2021 - Present

CertiPay - Winter Haven, FL

Enterprise Architect - August 2021 - November 2021

Principal Software Engineer – October 2014 - August 2017


Roles & Responsibilities

MercuryWorks - Tampa, FL

Principal Software Engineer - August 2017 - April 2020

DealerTrack Technologies, Inc (Remote Worker)

Lead Software Engineer – July 2014 - October 2014

ASR Pro, LLC (Acquired by DealerTrack in July 2014)

Senior Software Engineer - July 2012 - July 2014


Roles & Responsibilities

Developer II - December, 2011 - July, 2012

Roles & Responsibilities

AutoLoop - Clearwater, FL (Remote Worker)

Software Engineer - August 2010 - September 2011

Roles & Responsibilities

JPMorganChase - Tampa, FL

Web Applications Developer - June 2008 - August 2010

Roles & Responsibilities

University of South Florida Controller’s Office - Tampa, FL

IT Systems Support - May 2007 - May 2008

University of South Florida Academic Computing Help Desk - Tampa, FL

Student Technology Consultant - January 2006 - December 2006


Central Florida Software Meetup - 2023-Present

Drove the establishment of a dynamic community dedicated to nurturing connections and facilitating collaboration within the Lakeland area for professionals in software development, software-as-a-service (SaaS), technology consulting, and product development. This initiative created a vibrant platform, catering to both experienced industry veterans and budding developers, as well as individuals keen on exploring opportunities within the flourishing technology sector, enabling networking, knowledge exchange, and career development.

Avengercon V - “Rapid Application Development for Emergency Response Scenarios” - December 2020

Delivered a conference talk highlighting the strategic significance of rapid application development tools, commonly referred to as "low code" or "no-code" solutions, in effectively adapting to evolving circumstances during emergency response operations. Demonstrated how these tools offer a practical advantage in addressing the dynamic information gathering needs, shifting reporting formats, and the challenging data integration task frequently encountered within Tactical Operations Centers during emergency situations.

Introduced valuable marketplace tools that streamline and enhance "battle tracking" capabilities, emphasizing my own experience in developing a comprehensive information management workflow. This workflow efficiently transformed fragmented data from emails, texts, and disparate spreadsheets into a unified Common Operating Picture, ensuring secure accessibility for all echelons of the battalion. As a dedicated Florida National Guardsman, I leveraged my expertise gained from responding to five hurricanes within the state to provide insights and practical techniques for rapidly advancing data management processes.

Video Link

Lead redesign of core public-facing website to include integrating newsletter handling, membership database, event coordination, and photo album sharing. Implemented event registration and reporting for key membership activities.

Great American Teach-in - Speaker - Slides

Contributed to the annual Great American Teach-In, an event organized by the Polk County Public Schools' Department of Public Relations and Strategic Partnerships during American Education Week. Engaged with the community to share personal career journeys, travel experiences, and hobbies, highlighting the relevance of early education in shaping their present lives.

Provided students with inspiring, real-world insights and encouraged them to focus on their future goals. Demonstrated a variety of engaging approaches, from interactive presentations to hands-on demonstrations, to broaden students' horizons by introducing them to new career possibilities, hobbies, and diverse experiences.

Tampa Code Camp - Speaker

October 2017 - “Resiliency Patterns: Managing Failure in a Chaotic World”

A survey of the resiliency patterns and techniques for managing transient failures in a distributed or cloud-connected world. Topics will include circuit breakers, retries, timeouts, and bulkheads using the Polly library for C# and the Hysterix library for the JVM.

July 2016 - “Moving Fast Without Breaking Things in .NET”

I provided insight into my background and experience on the .NET platform while working in organizations that can’t afford to have outages and regressions while still embracing continuous integration and agile processes.

Code Lakeland - Speaker

I am a regular member and speaker at Code Lakeland, a group that meets to discuss tech-related topics monthly. I presented improvements to the hiring and interviewing process during the March 2017 meetup.

Operation Code - Mentor

I mentored veterans of the US military who are transitioning into new careers in Information Technology and Software Development, providing interview preparation, career coaching, and side-project code reviews and insight.


Degree: B.S. Computer Information Systems - Graduated May 2009

Florida Academic Scholars - Bright Futures Scholarship recipient

Men’s Varsity Baseball, 2006 - 2007

Intramural Crew Team - 2005

Major Curriculum (Abbreviated)