Matt G. Wagner - Resume

I am an adaptable, experienced, and enthusiastic technical leader, serving as an architect and mentor on distributed engineering teams for over thirteen years. I have professional experience in companies ranging from the Fortune 50 to co-founding start-ups, coupled with over eleven years of service as an Officer in the Army National Guard. I have served as the on-the-ground commander and coordinator of National Guard Soldiers serving in emergency response situations. I am passionate about my profession, endeavoring to produce outstanding results in whatever I’m tasked to do.

Technical Skills

  • Primary Language / Ecosystem: C# / .NET, Microsoft Azure

  • Active U.S Government Security Clearance

  • Professional Coaching, Organizational Leadership

  • Agile Project Management (Traditional Scrum & Kanban) via Azure DevOps, JIRA, Basecamp, Trello

  • Databases: SQL Server, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Azure Cosmos DB, Redis

  • Front-end Frameworks such as Blazor and ReactJS

  • API Design and Documentation: REST, Swagger/OpenAPI specifications

  • Low-Code/No-Code Solutions: AirTable, Knack,

  • Build & Deployment Systems: Azure DevOps, AppVeyor, TeamCity, Jenkins, Docker

  • Distributed Caching and Messaging via Redis and Azure Storage Queues

  • Systems Administration: Microsoft Windows Server 2003-2022+, Ubuntu, Mac OS

  • Utilized Packer and Vagrant for reproducible Developer Environments

Professional Experience

Owner, Chief Technology Officer - June 2018 - Present

  • Designed and facilitated tailored technical leadership development programs to clients including direct coaching of their leadership teams

  • Provided custom software engineering and consulting services to small and medium-sized business clients

  • Managed team of senior-level developers to produce high-quality client outcomes for a variety of business domains

  • Self-driven work, drove User Stories and feature requests to completion utilizing a variety of technical skills, ranging from business-driven PDF form generation to Azure AD and OpenID Connect SSO implementations

  • Experience with time-tracking and reporting, producing client invoices, and handling bookkeeping

  • Built highly-interactive and responsive user interfaces using Blazor Web Assembly and OpenAPI-defined Dotnet backends

  • Building custom integrations and financial analysis tools with Procore construction management APIs with OAuth

Partner, Chief Technology Officer - June 2020 - Present

  • Technical co-founder of B2B Software-as-a-Service product, from ideation through product launch and ongoing hands-on engineering

  • Lead developer for system supporting 30M API requests per month

  • Responsible for technical architecture and implementation utilizing the latest Dotnet tools, Azure Cosmos DB, Blazor, and Redis

  • Operational customer support and production monitoring through FreshDesk and Azure dashboards

  • Grew product to hundreds of active concurrent users with paid, monthly subscriptions billed through Stripe integration

MOS 13A, Field Artillery Officer - September 2011 - Present

  • Currently serving as Commander of Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, responsible for leading 110+ Soldiers and $41mm worth of equipment

  • Served as Commander for M777A2 artillery battery, responsible for leading 85+ Soldiers and $50mm+ of equipment

  • Experience in operational planning, organizational leadership, logistical support, mentoring, and personnel development

  • Performed on-the-ground tactical leadership of a Field Artillery firing battery during numerous live fire operations

  • Commanded and coordinated 80+ Soldiers during training and state emergency response operations, including five major catastrophic hurricanes and two presidential inaugurations

  • U.S. Government Security Clearance

  • Served as a Commander, Executive Officer, Platoon Leader, and Fire Direction Officer with collateral duties as the Knowledge Management Officer and Safety Officer

  • NATO Allied Rapid Response Cell exercise experience including coordination and training via Operation Dynamic Front 18 in Germany

Training & Schools

  • IS-00230.d: Fundementals of Emergency Management (FEMA)

  • IS-240.B: Leadership and Influence (FEMA)

  • Field Artillery Captain’s Career Course, Fort Sill, OK (2017-2019)

  • Field Artillery Basic Officer Leadership Course, Fort Sill, OK (2014)

  • Officer Candidate School, Florida Regional Training Institute, Camp Blanding Joint Training Center (2012, 2013)

  • Basic Combat Training, Fort Sill, OK (2011)

InContext Solutions - Chicago, IL

Principal Architect - October 2021 - Present


  • Dotnet 5/6/7, C#

  • Docker Containers

  • Continuous Integration via Azure DevOps, GitHub Actions

  • Build and Published Apps for Google Play Store and Apple App Store

  • Microsoft Azure infrastructure management

  • Unity Game Engine

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Overall system architecture with a focus on scalability, resiliency, and observability via metrics, dashboards, and alerting

  • Coaching and mentoring senior through junior-level developers on patterns and practices, career development

  • Built scalable background processing engine for offloading resource-intensive processes

  • Lead for Information Security (InfoSec) team, including Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery preparedness

  • Involved in recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding new teammates and Chief Technology Officer role

CertiPay - Winter Haven, FL

Enterprise Architect - August 2021 - November 2021

Principal Software Engineer – October 2014 - August 2017


  • Dotnet 6/ Core, C#, PowerShell

  • Service-Oriented Architecture/Microservices

  • Continuous Integration via TeamCity, Octopus Deploy, Azure DevOps

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • Automated testing via XUnit/NUnit, Moq,

  • Redis for Caching, Background Job Processing, Pub/Sub

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Recruited, interviewed, onboarded, and mentored a team of developers and business analysts

  • Lead the greenfield implementation of the next-generation payroll and HR back-office application, balancing technology decisions with regards to risk/reward and stability

  • Groomed and triaged agile product roadmap and backlog

  • Responsible for design and code reviews for team

  • Designed and implemented our automated build, test, and deployment system to increase development velocity across the organization

  • Designed support frameworks to provide consolidated logging and debugging for our distributed systems

  • Organized and lead internal tech talks on topics such as proper exception handling, automated deployments, microservice-based architectures, and build pipelines

MercuryWorks - Tampa, FL

Principal Software Engineer - August 2017 - April 2020

  • Solution Architect and Technical Lead for team of 5+ cross-disciplinary engineers and product owner

  • Served in Engineering Manager role, mentor for junior and senior application developers, responsible for training and career development

  • Tech Lead for Backend Developers Guild, facilitating lunch-and-learn sessions and cross-functional knowledge sharing

  • Responsible for Screening, Interviewing, and Onboarding New Engineers, utilizing Jazz HR

  • Partnered with Product Owners to groom, plan, and manage team workflow via Azure DevOps

  • Designed Applicant Code Screen to improve Signal-to-Noise ratio for New Candidates through our hiring pipeline

  • Balanced development efforts across multiple concurrent projects and clients while maintaining focus on quality outputs

  • Utilized ReactJS with Aspnet WebAPI and Serverless/Azure Functions backends to wire up rich client experiences

DealerTrack Technologies, Inc (Remote Worker)

Lead Software Engineer – July 2014 - October 2014

ASR Pro, LLC (Acquired by DealerTrack in July 2014)

Senior Software Engineer - July 2012 - July 2014


  • ASP.NET, MVC, C#, Windows Services

  • Entity Framework, Stored Procedures / T-SQL

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • MSBuild, PowerShell, TeamCity

  • Source Control via Git/GitHub

  • Redis for distributed caching, message queue

  • Unit Testing via

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Lead development reviews and architecture planning for future scaling

  • Restructured data access layer library and implemented distributed caching using Redis to improve performance

  • Analyzed metrics and profiler output to optimize code paths and improve response times 25% over 20+ million requests per week

  • Built automated build and deployment system that resulted in a 10x increase in developer productivity and mean time to production

  • Developed interview questions in order to screen engineering applicants

  • Implemented distributed error logging mechanism to aid production debugging

  • Developed job queue and scheduled jobs to manage integration processing service in primary data integration system

  • Produced, open source library available on GitHub and NuGet for interacting with third-party STAR-based web service

Developer II - December, 2011 - July, 2012

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Implemented development tool-chain to include coordination between Redmine issue tracker, SVN source control, and TeamCity automated builds

  • Maintained and improved online banking suite of customer-facing applications

  • Localized mobile banking application to aid Spanish speaking users

  • Configured and used RSA’s Adaptive Authentication product for analyzing fraud patterns in online banking

AutoLoop - Clearwater, FL (Remote Worker)

Software Engineer - August 2010 - September 2011

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Maintained and expanded a multi-tiered .NET application suite including ASP.NET front-ends and C# Web and Windows Services

  • Optimize processes across multiple database shards in a data-driven environment

  • Developed logging and error handling platform with web-accessible interface

  • Worked with QA and Support personnel to develop administrative interfaces and dashboards

  • Assisted in development of core data integration platform, allowing multi-threaded access to expedite data processing

JPMorganChase - Tampa, FL

Web Applications Developer - June 2008 - August 2010

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Attended JPMorganChase Corporate Development Program (CDP) Core Training in New York City on fundamentals of project management, finance, and team leadership

  • Lead team workshops on J2EE best practices on topics such as source control, bug tracking, exception handling, and event logging

  • Lead Developer on several long-term projects involving teams on-site and overseas in Mumbai, India

University of South Florida Controller’s Office - Tampa, FL

IT Systems Support - May 2007 - May 2008

University of South Florida Academic Computing Help Desk - Tampa, FL

Student Technology Consultant - January 2006 - December 2006


Avengercon V - “Rapid Application Development for Emergency Response Scenarios” - December 2020

Rapid application development tools, sometimes referred to as “low code” or “no-code” in common buzzword, provide a clear boost when you need to quickly adapt to a changing situation on the ground during an emergency response situation. Higher headquarters information gathering requirements change, reporting formats proliferate, and oftentimes the Tactical Operations Center is left massaging data from emails, texts, and attached spreadsheets into the format of the day.

In this talk, I will provide an introduction to some tools which I’ve found useful on the marketplace that you can use to help consolidate and assist in “battle tracking”, including the development of one unit’s information management workflow from email thread to spreadsheet to single, unified Common Operating Picture, available securely to provide visibility to all echelons of the battalion.

As a Florida National Guardsman, I have responded to 5 hurricanes with the state and I will show you some tricks for helping evolve your data management quickly.

Video Link

Lead redesign of core public-facing website to include integrating newsletter handling, membership database, event coordination, and photo album sharing. Implemented event registration and reporting for key membership activities.

Great American Teach-in - Speaker - Slides

The Great American Teach-In is an annual event coordinated by the Polk County Public Schools’ Department of Public Relations and Strategic Partnerships to celebrate American Education Week.

During this event, members of the community are invited to speak to students about their careers, travel and hobbies, and how their early educational experiences relate to their current lives.

Students enjoy the opportunity to hear real stories from real community members. Each year Teach-In volunteers inspire students to stay focused and keep looking ahead to the future. In previous years, volunteers have come in costume, shown students their work-related equipment, performed songs, dances and plays, offered potentially life-saving information, showed off their pets, discussed career options, shared precious souvenirs, talked about other parts of the world, cooked delicious meals, stepped down from the pedestal of celebrity to meet students at their level, or simply read a story.

The Teach-In introduces students to career options they might never have considered, hobbies they might never have discovered, and activities they might never have experienced.

Tampa Code Camp - Speaker

October 2017 - “Resiliency Patterns: Managing Failure in a Chaotic World”

A survey of the resiliency patterns and techniques for managing transient failures in a distributed or cloud-connected world. Topics will include circuit breakers, retries, timeouts, and bulkheads using the Polly library for C# and the Hysterix library for the JVM.

July 2016 - “Moving Fast Without Breaking Things in .NET”

I provided insight into my background and experience on the .NET platform while working in organizations that can’t afford to have outages and regressions while still embracing continuous integration and agile processes.

Code Lakeland - Speaker

I am a regular member and speaker at Code Lakeland, a group that meets to discuss tech-related topics monthly. I presented improvements to the hiring and interviewing process during the March 2017 meetup.

Operation Code - Mentor

I mentored veterans of the US military who are transitioning into new careers in Information Technology and Software Development, providing interview preparation, career coaching, and side-project code reviews and insight.


Degree: B.S. Computer Information Systems - Graduated May 2009

Florida Academic Scholars - Bright Futures Scholarship recipient

Men’s Varsity Baseball, 2006 - 2007

Intramural Crew Team - 2005

Major Curriculum (Abbreviated)

  • Software Engineering & Testing

  • Database Design

  • Information Security

  • Web Application Development

  • Financial & Managerial Accounting