About Matt


This is the home page and resume site of Matt Wagner, a software engineer from Lakeland, Florida. On these pages is a bit about myself, the work I’ve done and projects I’ve worked on, and a little background to how I got where I am now.

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About Me

I am a 34-year-old software developer from Lakeland, FL. I attended the University of South Florida in Tampa and am married to my best friend, Amanda.


I took my first job at the University of South Florida working at the Academic Computing Help Desk, helping to provide technical support to both students and faculty of one of the country’s largest universities. It was a great learning experience for me, as I was able to hone my communication skills as well as get some valuable job training for later positions. I worked there part-time while attending classes before moving on to another position with USF in the University Controller’s Office. At the UCO, I worked as the main technical asset in charge of deploying and maintaining about 150 end-user desktop and laptop machines and other hardware.

I left there to take an internship at JPMorganChase as part of the Corporate Development Program in the summer of 2008, working as a Web Applications Developer. Our team’s main product was Treasury Services flagship electronic statement platform which serviced thousands of large-cap organizations, generating and retrieving their account analysis and demand deposit account statements. At Chase, I worked as a project and technical lead on several projects in charge of project management, planning, and organization with development resources in Mumbai, India.

After working at Chase, I was recruited and joined a specialty software development company in Clearwater, FL, called Loop. The flagship product, AutoLoop, was a best-of-class automated marketing and customer retention software suite that helped auto dealerships keep their customers coming back. I was a developer on their infrastructure and integrations team, reporting to the CTO, and helping to keep the back-end administration and data imports rolling.

In the fall of 2010, I joined the Florida Army National Guard and attended Basic Combat Training. Upon my return from BCT, my wife and I moved back to my hometown to settle in. After spending some time working for a local credit union, I returned to working for Loop as a remote developer from my home office. I left to join a partner company, ASRPro, to work on their integration and architecture.

After ASRPro was acquired by DealerTrack in the summer of 2014, I accepted an offer to join CertiPay as the principal software engineer on a new product they wanted to build, specializing in many of the same areas I had gained experience in at ASRPro and AutoLoop.


In my free time, which seems to be less and less these days, I can probably be found reading somewhere around the house on my Kindle or taking the kids to the park.